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Race 3 and 4 from 61 Kartway

Published By Joseph Rapp     June 21, 2016    
Delmar IA - Get Directions
Updates from Races 3 and 4 at 61 Kartway in Delmar Iowa go to for more fun videos and coverage!


Race 3, which was a few weeks ago at 61 kartway, had plently of drama and thats not becuase the competition was close. A rain storm moving in would put the events of the day into a hurried rush finals were cut short and on top of that a payout of 100 dollars went to the class that had the biggest turnout.

here were the results

kid karts (only prefinal) 1. Nikolas Peppers 2.Kyle cottingim

Jr. 1 206 1.Donovan Ruffner 2. Bryce Shaw

Yamha Sportsman 1. Joshua Carlson 2. Trevor Johnson 3. Joey Bries

Sr. 206 1. John Shaw 2. Larry luedtke 3. Al Cram

Sr. Clone and Clone open (cut short for final) 1. Nelson Ullinskey 2. Casey Newmarch

3. Mark Petersen

Yamaha Sr. supercan and Jr. Supercan (only Prefinal) 1. Carter Pease 2. Chad Peppers 3. Morgan Schuer 4. Erin Dunn 5. Casey Jacobs 6. Ashton Wheeler

carter took home the money by winning the prefinal and Yamaha Sr. Supercan had the most drivers

Last Saturday in Race #4 the weather and the competition were all much better. Drivers and teams accross all classes would experience tight racing! In the clone Battle a little contact between Larry Luedtke and Thor McDonald would ignite a spin and a crash in the feature. Larry was blacked fllgged in the featur eevent for aggessive driving. One dissapoint was that there were no kid karts on track saturday.

here are the results from Saturday Race #4

Jr. 206 1. Bryce Shaw 2. Donovan Ruffner

Yamaha Sportsman 1. Joshua Carlson 2. Trevor Johnson 3. Charlie Kremer 4.Joey Bries

Sr. 206 1. Nick Ockenfels 2. Al Cram 3. John Shaw 4. Joseph Rapp

Sr Clone Heavy and Light 1. Odin McDonald 2. Thor McDonald 3. Larry Luedtke 4. Hannah McDonald 5. Nelson Ullinskey

Yamaha Jr. and Sr. Supercan 1. Carter Pease 2. Casey Jacobs 3. Morgan Schuler 4.Erin Dunn 5. Ashton Wheeler

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