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  • Plug reading

    @Andy_Kutscher wrote:

    Plug reading isn’t necessarily something I have a lot of experience with. Is this looking pretty good? …too lean?

    EGT’s were good and actually went up a touch from 1060 to 1080 when I richness the mixture just a touch…bUT those weren’t back to back rubs and the temp dropped about 15 defeees between those runs.

    Both sets of daya show EGT steadily climbing under acceleration showing no detonation.

    Yamaha KT-100 with SR-Y pipe for reference.

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    June 22, 2018 6:58 PM CDT
  • Kart Racing Pro

    @MeLLeR wrote:

    Never been into sims and suck at computers in general. But Kart Racer Pro:

    Gimmick or genuine training aid?

    Should i spend the money on a steering wheel setup in order to accelerate the new to karting learning curve?

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    June 22, 2018 8:57 AM CDT
  • New Forum Features To Try!

    @KartingIsLife wrote:

    New Forum Features to Try

    I’m not big on standing still, especially when it comes to internet tech. I’m a big believer in continuous improvement and karting deserves the best.

    Last night I upgraded the forums to Discourse v2.1.0 Beta1.

    Probably the most relevant ones:

    • New search tools
    • Two factor authentication (if you’re into that kinda thing)
    • Ability to (easily) revoke permission from social apps if you used one to signup.
    • Passwordless login via email link

    Here’s a longer (but still abbreviated) list of updates

    :white_check_mark: Add option to hide poll results until poll closes

    :white_check_mark: Add “welcome to our community” PM for users who successfully transition between TL0 (new signup) and TL1 (15 mins reading, 5 topics entered, etc)

    :white_check_mark: Per category search weight (possible per topic as well)

    :white_check_mark: Send an automatic PM to users who have too many email bounces letting them know they should fix their email

    :white_check_mark: Allow selecting a tag when moving posts to a new topic, if tags are enabled (right now you can only pick category)

    :white_check_mark: List social accounts on user prefs page and allow revocation.

    :white_check_mark: User selectable theme components: allow admins to denote certain components are user selectable, if this happens they can be composed into the master theme. (eg: large / small font)

    :white_check_mark: Update Font Awesome to V5

    :white_check_mark: Discourse will ignore if a character is accented when doing a search

    :white_check_mark: Automatically close a poll on a given date/time

    :white_check_mark: Insert date/times that automagically translate to the reader’s proper time zone

    :white_check_mark: Add whitelist and blacklist for crawler bots to reduce unwanted traffic

    :white_check_mark: Two factor auth login support courtesy

    :white_check_mark: Passwordless login via link Passwordless signin via email link

    :white_check_mark: Paste in HTML content and it will be converted to markdown

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    June 21, 2018 3:31 PM CDT
  • Vertical Storage

    @Hman wrote:

    Noob query!

    At every track I see used karts on vertical stands, which have all their fluids drained I presume. How viable is vertical storarge on your main kart? What all needs to be drained? I feel like I could get away with cleaning the carb and taking fuel tank off.

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    June 20, 2018 4:05 PM CDT
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