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  • Crg Front Hubs versus Standard Euro Pattern

    @Jamie_Gonzalez wrote:

    Doing a little research on a replacement kart…

    So looks like Crg uses a different bolt pattern on front hubs. I have a good selection of douglas wheels already with standard euro pattern.

    Can one just switch to standard bolt pattern front hub or is their some sort of special magic/trickery with the crg hubs offset blah blah…


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    April 26, 2018 10:48 AM CDT
  • Northwest Racers brave the elements at PSGKA! (Round 1 and 2 of Northwest Gold Cup)

    @DavinRS wrote:

    Northwest Gold Cup - Rounds 1 and 2
    By Davin Sturdivant. (Photo Credit: Lisa Gadeken)

    Racing at the Mountain Highway racetrack in Tacoma, Washington is a unique experience.

    The track is an older track, designed back in the 1960s, and it’s character reflects that. Narrow and undulating with large elevation changes, the track is really a reflection of its namesake. The track surface is made up of different materials from concrete to asphalt, aged over the years for different levels of grip in each corner.

    It truly is a Mountain Highway that karts race on.

    The circuit is relatively small as well, making for an relentless and intense lap. Especially in the faster TAG and shifter karts, drivers rarely get a moment to take a rest when lapping alone. Add a field of other competitors all fighting for the same piece of tarmac, and racers get a dramatic experience unlike the other circuits in the Pacific Northwest.

    So take all that, add in the spring rainfall that the Northwest is known for, and racers were in for a dramatic weekend for the first and second rounds of the Northwest Gold Cup, sponsored by LeCont tires on April 14th and 15th.

    The weather and rainfall made for changing track conditions almost every session. Skilled drivers ignored the laptimes they were running, and focused on finding the limit of grip that the tires would give them.

    This weekend was all about staying on the island as the rain felt, rather than a primo setup or focusing on the ultimate laptime. The intense conditions helped some of the best drivers shine at the front of the grids in their respective fields, and was an education on how to race in the rain for everyone else.

    In addition to that, the local community provided prizes and awards to all of the racers who braved the elements. These sponsors, along with LeCont tire will be supporting the series all season with prizes, awards, gifts and vouchers.

    Briggs & Stratton sponsored entry vouchers for the JRI and JRII 206 classes, up to 30 entry vouchers worth $2250. CMC sponsored the World Formula class, awarding $150 to the winner each day with a total contribution of $1500.

    Kart-O-Rama provided cash drawings for the 4 Cycle group, up to $50. Mike’s Kartstands provided Spinning T-handle wrenches for the 2 Cycle racers, a value of $125 a set. Odenthal Racing awarded an EZ set motor mount, worth $270 and Seattle Tees awarded all the racers the official shirt of the NWGC.

    The next round of the Northwest Gold Cup is at the high speed track at McMinville, Oregon during the May 4th to 6th weekend. As a bonus, PKA will be giving away Race Weekend Entries one for McMinnville race and one for SOK Medford race

    Thanks to the racers and sponsors for a fantastic time and hope to see more of you at the next one!

    Current Class Leaders.

    Tag Cadet

    1. William Ginn
    2. Massimo Valiante

    Jr 1 Briggs 206

    1. Trey Arnzen
    2. Preston Franzke
    3. Mason Smark

    JR II Briggs 206

    1. Kason Lau
    2. Caleb Shrader
    3. Jacob Smith

    TAG JR

    1. Cole Faker
    2. Kason Lau
    3. Caleb Shrader

    TAG Sr

    1. David Schorn
    2. Ricky Worley
    3. TJ Madonna

    TAG Heavy

    1. Davin Sturdivant
    2. Gary Roehl
    3. Wade Janssen


    1. Mateo DeLeon
    2. Travis Henson
    3. Kevin Janders

    Senior Briggs 206

    1. James Carson
    2. Jeff Lewis
    3. Kevin Janders

    CMC World Formula Heavy

    1. Mike Schorn
    2. Bryan Green
    3. Tom Bailey

    Series Supporters


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    April 25, 2018 11:51 AM CDT
  • Practice at Pittsburgh

    @Rob_Bone wrote:

    I’m going to be at the SCCA Majors in Pittsburgh the weekend of May 12-13th. I’m thinking about coming out early to get some practice in on Thursday. I would love to come out for the full day of practice on the Wednesday, but that is just to much time to take off for me. If I can swing practice the some of the other days over the weekend, I might do that also.

    Is anyone in that area interested in joining? I’ll be running my 206.


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    April 25, 2018 9:56 AM CDT
  • Race video critique

    @Bimodal_Rocket wrote:

    So I made a vid of my first race. If anyone feels like letting me know what I could do better, I’d appreciate it. I think my biggest issue is fear of bonking into people which is what makes me bad at passing people. I’m not able to maintain momentum.

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    April 25, 2018 6:16 AM CDT
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