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Musings on #kartlife and Karting's addiction with "Exposure"

Published By James McMahon     February 16, 2015    
United States - Get Directions


Is Kartlife a black eye for the Sport?

Let's be honest, the image of karting portrayed in kart life isn't positive nor is it anything that many people would want to get involved with. We also have no control over it. There's no point in crying over spilled milk as they say. The show's content is in the producers hands and their role is to ensure people watch it. Even if those that watch it don't like it or the characters in it.

What we CAN do is see how far we can take it by engaging those who ask about kart racing and point them in the right direction. How effective that will be, only time will tell.


But isn't any publicity, good publicity for karting?

I don't think the old mantra "any publicity is good publicity" stands up well against the backdrop of how social media has become part of many of our lives. That cliché made sense in a time when it was difficult to gain access to a media channel, but it's much different today.


Karting's stunted growth has zero to do with Exposure

Lack of exposure on TV and so on isn't nearly as big of a problem as we think it is. We hear it all the time "oh karting should be in the X games", "we should be on TV more" etc etc. It's an excuse we need to stop making if we want the sport to grow. Especially when you consider how inbound marketing is headed towards being the most cost effective means to connect businesses with customers and build long lasting relationships.

My observation is that we need to present karting to would-be racers in the manner in which they have come to expect on the web. That means something explorable, intuitive, visual and ultimately: actionable.

To accomplish this we need to come together as a community and along with a platform begin build a resource. An awesome one. Kartpulse is the beginning of that platform.

Only after we have done this should we be concerned about exposure on prime time TV and other such outbound marketing efforts.


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