KartPulse Rotax EVO Packages Now Available in USA

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  • Published By : James McMahon
  • Published On : Jan 28, 2015
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  • Location : United States


  • Per Press release from Maxspeed


    Next generation Rotax engine now available through authorized dealers.


    January 28 - After the debut of the next generation Rotax engine at the 2014 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals in Valencia, Spain, US Rotax distributor MAXSpeed Group has received their first order of the new Rotax 125 MAX evo engines from BRP-Powertrain.


    “We have 200 total engines in stock, available immediately through our network of authorized dealers.  Another 300 engines are also on their way,” noted MAXSpeed Group’s President Richard Boisclair.


    The Rotax 125 MAX evo engine series combines the proven Rotax MAX engines evolution concept and the latest technology in karting. The new engine package will provide an ultimate ease of use, improved durability and ‘driveability,’ all while leveling the playing field and reducing overall costs. Key benefits on the Rotax 125 MAX evo engine series, along with specifics on each model from Micro MAX to DD2 MAX can be found athttp://gorotax.com/products/rotax-max-engine-packages.html

    The Rotax 125 MAX evo engines will be legal for use in the United States starting March 30, 2015. Upgrade kits will also be available in the coming weeks, and will be announced via press release.  Stay tuned to GoRotax.com and all the GoRotax social media outlets for this information.


    For more information on the Rotax 125 MAX evo engine series, please feel free to contact the MAXSpeed Group or your local Rotax Dealer/Service Center. A list of dealers can be found at http://gorotax.com/dealers.html.


    For more information on the MAXSpeed Group and MAXSpeed Entertainment, promoted events including the Cold Stone Florida Winter Tour, US Open, United States Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Nationals, Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals, Team USA and the entire Rotax program, please visit www.GoRotax.com. Be sure to ‘Like’ GoRotax on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/GoRotax) and follow on Twitter (www.Twitter.com/GoRotax) and Instagram (www.Instagram.com/MAXSpeedGroup).