KartPulse Rock Island Grand Prix 2014 Update #2

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  • Published On : Jul 29, 2014
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  • Location : Rock Island, IL, United States


  • Rock Island Grand Prix July 2014 Update
    Registration is well under way for this year's race, August 29-31 in Rock Island, Ill. There have not been a lot of issues so far this year but there are a couple of points it might be helpful to share with you.

    As you might imagine, thanks to the generous support of Briggs & Stratton Racing, the LO206 classes have seen the most registrations so far. If you are planning to take advantage of this offer we urge you to enter soon since it is limited to only the first 30 double-class entries. We are seeing entries double up a number of ways: Medium-Heavy, Masters-Heavy and Masters-Medium. 

    Supplemental Rules
    Drivers in all classes should review the Supplemental Rules carefully. There were not a lot of changes this year over last, but some were significant dealing with things such as weights and wheels. 

    The answers to most driver questions can be found on the COMPETITORS page of our website which is here: http://rockislandgrandprix.com/competitors.html

    If you are looking for the Supplemental Rules, they can be found here:


    TAG and Leopard classes will follow TAG USA rules.


    The default rules in most classes are the TAG USA Local Option rules which can be found here:


    Future of TAG classes
    We have had several inquiries as to whether we intend to follow SKUSA and change our TAG program to an X30 only class. As many of you know we have a strong attachment to TAG USA which was created for our former race director, the late Tom Argy Jr. and continues under the direction of another good friend, Dave Larsen. TAG was created so that a variety of engines could run together in cases where there were not enough single-make engines in an area to support a class. Since the early days, Leopard, Rotax and others have put many more engines in the country and we have offered those single-make classes at our race if enough support was demonstrated by teams, while retaining the broader TAG classes. Our philosophy is to welcome as many racers as possible to our event so at this point our intention is to continue to offer the standard TAG USA program as long as racers continue to support it. If there is demand we will consider adding other single-make classes. 

    Bridge Closure
    As we noted earlier, on race weekend the Centennial Bridge which runs between Rock Island and Davenport, Iowa will be closed for repairs. This will put great stress on Government Bridge which is 2-lane and is closed when barge traffic locks through on the Mississippi River. We encourage racers to stay in Illinois and avoid this potential delay.

    The Holiday Inn in Rock Island once again is official race headquarters and Jumer's Casino & Hotel is also one of our sponsors. A list of other hotels can be found on our website here:


    Red, White and Boom
    Because of Mississippi River flooding over the Fourth of July, the annual huge fireworks extravaganza shot off barges in the river was canceled. For those in the area or who want to stay over, the fireworks show will be Labor Day night, Monday, Sept. 1.

    Entry Fee Increase
    And finally, just a reminder that after Friday, August 15 entry fees will increase. Enter early and save a few dollars.