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Super Kart and Kart Brazil Paulista Unite In 2015

Published By James McMahon     December 3, 2014    
São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil - Get Directions


Super Kart and Kart Brazil Paulista Unite In 2015. 

H/T for this article which has been translated to english below.


The dates for the 2015 season of Super Kart Brazil and the Paulista Kart Championship are set. The two competitions back to join forces for the greater national grid karting, with the ideal consolidated 'championship made ​​by kartistas to kartistas'. There will be six stages contested in the state of São Paulo between January and November.


The first meeting is scheduled for 24 and 25 January at the kart track of Aldeia da Serra, in São Paulo. The format follows the same that has been practiced in previous skbs: taking time and two races per day on Saturday and on Sunday, aiming at maximum growth and the experience of the pilots. The score will be unified, and the champion of the SKB and Paulista the pilot with more points at each step. 


"Back with a long SKB project is a way to further encourage kartistas. Our league is designed to better prepare and give more experience to the kart racers, before moving to other categories. This unification with the Championship will leave even more disputed event and consolidate the two events as the country's largest, "said Sergio Jimenez, who is part of the team of karting champions who founded the SKB.


For Claudio Wilson Vieira, Kart Paulista organizer, the work of SKB will only further strengthen the scene of São Paulo kart. "The national kart today has several championships, but like the SKB and the Paulista, unfortunately, has not. This union of the pilots who are racing for pilots, which is the SKB, with the FASP and clubs can bring not only are pilots Paul, but from other states and even other countries to compete here.


It's a very interesting formula for the league and for the cost / benefit ". The event has four steps planned for the first half and two in the second. The first is set on 24 and 25 January, in Aldeia da Serra (SP). From the second step disputes are planned for the kart track of Interlagos.Thus, the second event of the season will take place on 7 and 8 March. The third stage will be on 2 and 3 May, the fourth and final stage of the first semester will be on 20 and 21 June. The fifth meeting will be on 26 and 27 September and the sixth and final stage will be held on 28 and 29 November. All dates and locations can still be modified.


A total of ten categories will compete for SKB + Paulista Kart, namely:




Junior Minor

Senior Shifter (KZ / KZ2)


Super Senior 


Calendar SKB + Paulista 2015 *: 
January 24/25 - Aldeia da Serra March 7/8 - Interlagos

May 2/3 - Interlagos June 6/7 - Interlagos 

September 26/27 - Interlagos 

November 28/29 - Interlagos 


* Dates and locations subject to change.
To learn more about the SKB, visit:

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