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CR125 Stock Moto Closes Performance Gap on KZ

Published By James McMahon     November 24, 2014    
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KZ and CR125 Stock Moto - Closer in Performance than Ever

The KZ "vs" Stock moto debate has always been an active one on many levels. Both packages have their merits, with KZ having worldwide appeal and the CR125 package being extremely popular in the US, especially on the west coast, while on the east coast and midwest, Stock Moto has yet to gain critical mass.


The SKUSA supernationals has shown to be the litmus test when it comes to comparing performance of these two packages. It is about as close to isolating the variables that affect performance that one could reasonably expect. The event sees the top teams, drivers and tuners in both categories go head-to-head at the same venue, at the same time.



Performance Gap Shrinks By Almost Half.


Historically at the supernats, S1 and KZ2 have been around 1 second per lap when comparting the fastest laptimes of each. In 2014 however, the performance gap between S1 Stock Moto (2001 spec with SKUSA pipe) and KZ2 closed substantially compared to past supernationals events.


Comparing times in the main event for 2014, the fastest lap in S1 Stock Moto was 44.846 by Jordon Lennox-Lamb, meanwhile fastest in KZ2 was by 44.308 By Lerenzo Camplese. Net difference: 0.538s


In 2013 (slightly different track layout) the fastest time posted in KZ2 was 43.7 by Paolo de Conto, contrasted to the fastes time in S1, posted by American "Quick" Nick Neri of 44.58. Net difference 0.88s.


While it may not seem like much at a glance, that a 61% change in the gap between the two.


Year S1 KZ2 Difference
2010 40.841 40.063 -0.778
2011 45.387 44.554 -0.833
2012 44.678 43.744 -0.934
2013 44.584 43.716 -0.868
2014 44.846 44.308 -0.538



2014 Double Duty Drivers.

A number of drivers performed double duty in the KZ2 and S1 classes this year, lets see how their times compared in KZ2 and S1.


Lennox lamb powers his way to S1 domination


Piloting CRG chassis, multiple world champion Davide Fore' peformed double duty, running both KZ2 and S1. He posted a 44.6 in KZ2 and a 44.9 in S1 in the super sunday grand 


Gary Carlton

Some other dude


One can never totally eliminate all variables, even at the supernats the air and track conditions change as the weekend and day progresses the day. Nonetheless it's interesting to note how much closer the times were between KZ2 and S1 in 2014 compared to previous ones.

Sidenote: 2001 Spec CR125 Cylinder appears to be the "one to have" for SKUSA Competition.

Also of note, out of a total of 198 CR125 packages attending the event in Las Vegas: 173 (87.7%) of them showed as being on the controversial 2001 CR125 cylinder. Whether that is a result of matter of true performance, or perception overriding reality, the 2001 CR125 cylinder appears to be "the one to have" for SKUSA sanctioned Stock Moto competition.


What made the difference in 2014?

Your guess is as good as mine! Perhaps even better. From an outsider perspective, the ability of the drivers as well as the resources available to them seem consistent for both years.
What do you think moved the Stock Honda package closer to KZ in Vegas this year?
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