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Confessions of a Kart Racer

Published By Colm O'Higgins     May 16, 2014    


1 Ty-rapped the kart frame to my stand, instead of just to the fuel line.

3. If "Yes" to the above climbed the fence and raced by myself.

4. Drilled a hole for a bracket using the wear marker in a tire as a relief (Psssst...flat tube).

5. Loaded the righthand starter when the motor was a lefty.

6. Forgot to load the engine.

7. Told the wife "I was going fishing". Didn't take any fish gear.

8. Filled up the kart van with gas early morning, but it was a diesel.

9. Put weights at the last turn to make the minimum, then forgot to pick them up on the cool-off lap.

10. Counterbored the wrong side of an engine mount plate.

11. Put the foreign engine piston / rotary valve in backwards.

12. Left a rag in the exhaust it would not start.

13. No helmet at the still sits on the kitchen table.

14. Watched my class from the pit fence..."that's my class" !!

15. Used the righthand starter on the left engine for 15 minutes.

16. Chased the metric thread hole...but it was already American.

17. Loaded the rain tires anyway. During a drought.

18. "Who did not get gasoline last night". Empty can.

19. I mixed oil into the fuel. But when it seized I remembered differently.

20. Argued with the scorer. She was my girlfriend.

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