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Warren Wins 5 At AKRA Double Regional Opener

Published By Bruce AKRA     May 11, 2017    
Report from AKRA Duel regionals at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, S. C.


Warren Wins 5 At AKRA Double Regional Opener


Story by Bruce C. Walls

Photos by Bruce C. Walls

and Susan Taylor-Walls



KERSHAW, SC-This year’s second annual AKRA American Sprint Cup Series North/South Shootout presented by MGM Chassis saw three times as many entrees at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, S.C. April 21-23 as last year’s inaugural event. While Saturday’s weather made for a perfect race day, Sunday race officials raced to get the program in before predicted dangerous storms reached the area.


Naples, FL native Colin Warren didn’t let a little rain stop him. After winning two races on the 7/10ths-mile asphalt road course that Saturday the TS Racing powered returned for a hat trick Sunday. Saturday Warren won TS Racing 206 CIK Senior Medium 350# and VEGA USA TaG Senior sweeping qualifying, heats and features. In 206 CIK Senior Medium 350# his VIR chassis was the fastest of six qualifiers on the 7/10th’s asphalt road course with a total time of 55.445 seconds beating out Ryan Miller by 1.168 seconds. Row two had Eric Maitlen on the inside and Cade Frazier on the outside. Starting in row three were Austin Queen and Andrew Cirillo.


After eight-laps of Heat racing Warren was in front for the checkers. Miller crossed second 7.812 seconds later followed in the top five by Maitlen, Frazier and Cirillo.


Coming from the feature’s rear Queen fought his way through the field for a second place finish 13.677 seconds behind Warren. Miller was on Queen’s tailpipe at the strip just 0.027 seconds later. Maitlen and Frazier completed the top five.


“It’s fun getting back racing again, I’m glad we’re getting to do it,” Warren said. “We’re on a new chassis, the VIR, we’re learning it this weekend and we’ve got it dialed in pretty good for the Medium race. We pulled away from them in that race.”


Warren did a chassis change to his DR chassis and was back on the grid this time for TaG Senior where he was the fastest qualifier by 1.015 seconds. Warren broke the 50 seconds benchmark with a 49.401 seconds time. Second fastest was Brandon Basela whose qualifying time was 50.416 seconds.


Warren swept the TaG heat and feature wins over Basela with times of 5.617 and 8.188 seconds. “I want to thank TS Racing for the motors, VEGA Tires, my mechanic Dave and AKRA for putting on this series,” Warren credited.


Sunday morning racers woke to a steady drizzle that stopped in time for qualifying. With two serious storms heading towards a collision over Kershaw, SC, racers at Saturday’s driver’s meeting voted to cancel Sunday’s driver’s meeting, practice and heats. So officials started Sunday morning jumping right into qualifying. Once qualifying was done 12-lap features were quickly raced in effort to beat out the weather. As threatening skies darkened above Carolina Motorsports Park shortening the program proved to be the best call.


The machines that helped Warren win two races that Saturday propelled him to a trio of Sunday wins starting with TS 206 CIK Senior Stock Medium 350#.   Warren won the pole by 9.811 seconds over Ryan Miller. Starting behind them, in row two, were Austin Queen and New York racer Andrew Cirillo.


From the pole Warren tried to open a stretch over Miller, but Miller threatened down to the finish where just 9.811 separated them. Queen crossed third trailed by Cirillo and Maiten.


Warren was comfortably 15.801 seconds ahead of Brandon Basela when VEGA USA TaG Senior’s checkered flag flew.

In Razor Chassis/Roberts Kart Shop 206 Senior Heavy 375# Warren had the Lloyd brothers starting next to and behind him. Warren topped qualifying turning a 55.715 seconds lap that was 0.023 seconds faster than Tyler Lloyd’s time of 55.738 seconds in the fifth of six-qualifying laps. Lloyd’s brother Aren earned the third of nine starting positions.


Surrounded by the Lloyd brothers Warren led the field to the green flag. The Lloyd brothers kept the pressure on Warren in the early going until lap nine of 12. Tyler’s machine developed problems that took him out of the race. His brother continued challenging Warren who built a 3.226 seconds finish line advantage over Aren. Nick Lefferdo trailed in third followed in the top five by Patrick O’Neal and Joseph Skaggs.


“I won 206 CIK, 206 Heavy and TaG Senior today. I feel in the 206 races the cold helped us out because were tight all weekend and the cold weather loosened up the kart just a little and it loosed it enough to help us to get away from them and everybody else,” Warren explained.


Aren Lloyd, of Waycross, GA, was the 206 Senior Heavy winner with Joseph Skaggs, Warren, brother Tyler Lloyd and TJ Swygert following in the top fived of 11. Tyler topped qualifying turning a 55.853 seconds lap that was 0.107 seconds slower then Warren’s top time of 55.960. With his brother Aren in tow Tyler crossed the Heat race’s finish line with a 0.242 seconds advantage.   But come Feature time 19-year-old Aren hit the gas and put his GT Machine powered to the front where it stayed for a 0.497 seconds edge over Skaggs. Warren was third followed in the top five by Tyler and TJ Swygert.


“When the green flag dropped I fell back to like sixth on the straightaway then when I came around turn two I had it and came out third and then it took five or six laps to catch up with the two leaders. I finally got around Collin (Warren) and then I pushed my brother to get away from everybody and then on the last lap I really didn’t want to pass my brother but I had to, so I passed him” Lloyd described. “The Razor kart was perfect the whole race and the GT Machine motor was awesome. I want to thank my crew chief, my dad and my brother.”


Tanner Carter was a triple winner that weekend starting with two wins that Saturday. Carter, an 11-year-old Monroe, GA native, began his hat trick with a win in Kart City Performance 206 Cadet. There the Robert’s Kart Shop powered Razor Chassis pilot dialed in the pole time in 57.196 seconds. Owen Lloyd earned the outside starting position with a 57.176 second run on his sixth lap.


In the Heat race Brently Miller, last year’s champion, quickly shot around Lloyd and went after Carter who was holding onto the lead. Miller kept the pressure on Carter who took the final flag with a 0.212 seconds advantage. Lloyd held onto third and was followed in the top five by Elijah Skaggs and Camden Grubber. Lloyd held onto second in the feature trailing Carter by just 0.086 seconds. Miller was third by 0.236 seconds. Gruber grabbed fourth and Skaggs followed in fifth.


“When the green flag dropped I got the lead and then Brently passed me and then I got him back and won,” Carter described. “The kart was smooth, but it got tight at the end. The Roberts Kart Shop motor was strong. I want to thank my mom and dad and my pop pop, and Roberts Kart Shop.”


Later that day he began his sweep of the IONIC Edge Chassis Pro Gas Cadet classes.   Carter captured Saturday’s pole with a 56.203 trip on his second rounding. Gruber turned a 56.278 seconds fourth lap for the outside pole, 0.075 seconds off the pace. Lloyd and Skaggs were behind them in row two.


When the Heat race’s green flag flew so did Carter. Behind him Gruber and Lloyd were scrapping over second.   Lloyd got by Gruber and tried to take the lead but Carter held on for one of the weekend’s closest wins. At the stripe Carter was just 0.063 seconds ahead of Lloyd. Gruber passed 1.905 seconds later with Gruber and Skaggs in tow followed by Camryn Reed for the top five.


Carter quickly grabbed the Feature’s lead. Lloyd broke away from the pack fighting for positions behind him. Lloyd held onto second trailing Carter by 1.151 seconds. Gruber crossed third, Reed finished fourth with Skaggs behind him in fifth.


Sunday Carter spun a 55.851 seconds pole-winning lap. Lloyd was second fastest qualifier just 0.423 seconds off the pace with a lap six time of 56.450 seconds. This time Gruber and Reed were behind them in row two.


Carter rocketed into Sunday’s early lead with Gruber and Lloyd battling for second behind him. While they fought over second Carter was able to stretch out a comfortable lead he took to the finish taking the checkers with a 1.544 seconds cushion over Gruber. This time Lloyd was third followed in the top five by Skaggs and Reed.


“When the green flag drops you’re on your own,” Carter said of winning three races in one weekend. “I got past Owen (Lloyd), he got me back and then Camryn (Reed) came around and was behind me, but I held my spot and won. The track was a lot more slick today because it’s colder, but we used the same setup as we did yesterday.”


Carter was poised to take Sunday’s 206 Cadet’s win turning the pole time in 57.176 seconds. Carter captured the early lead with Lloyd, an eight-year-old Waycross, GA based racer, eventually taking over and leading the 11-racer field across the stripe with a 0.366 second advantage over Carter.


“When the green flag dropped I got in front of everybody and pulled away from Tanner (Carter) and eventually I won,” explained the Roberts Kart Shop powered Razor Kart pilot. “The kart ran good and the Roberts motor ran good. I want to thank dad and my whole family.”


Gruber, Bryce Sanders and Skaggs, crossed third, fourth and fifth.


Five racers were double winners that weekend. John Anderson, of Dover, DE, who is the former President of Nicholson Speedway in Chestertown, MD, swept both VEGA USA TaG Masters races. In Saturday’s feature Anderson’s TS Racing powered DR kart owned a comfortable 2.946 seconds finish line advantage over second place Derek Grebinger, of Lancaster, PA. Sunday Anderson was again the decisive winner over Grebinger’s Pi powered Arrow chassis when the final flag flew.


“The DR kart handled well, real well and the TS Racing motor was strong all weekend,” Anderson, who was last year’s TaG Masters national champion, reported adding, “I want to thank my wife for letting me race and hats off to AKRA for putting on a good show.”


Callahan, FL karter Joey Miller was also a double weekend winner. Miller, last year’s national 206 Masters champion, had Justin Vanderzee chasing him across the stripe each time.  Piloting a Capps & Roberts Kart shop powered Razor chassis Miller clocked Saturday’s pole time in 56.635 seconds. That was just 0.481 seconds faster than Vanderzee’s 57.116 seconds lap.


Saturday Vanderzze was hot on Miller’s tailpipe during the early going before Miller broke away from the field in the Heat and Feature races. Miller was at the Heat races stripe 2.348 seconds ahead of Vandezze. Miller was even faster in the Feature with a 6.442 seconds advantage over Vandezze. MGM Chassis owner/designer Paul Rice was poised to take second in the final laps, but couldn’t get a nose under Vanderzee. Brad Farmer and Roe Murzynski followed Rice across the stripe nose-to-tail.


“We changed chassis from last year, got on a newer one than we had last year. We did pretty good here last year and we wound up with a good setup, qualified on the pole, made some adjustments won the Heat race and the Feature.


Vanderzze went back to the drawing board Saturday night and figured a little something out. Sunday morning he blew by Miller for the Heat race win he took with a narrow 0.105 seconds advantage. But, Miller wouldn’t let the Feature get away from him. When the green flag flew Miller shook off early challenges from Vanderzze and went on to build a 0.106 seconds margin. Farmer finished third followed in the top five by Rice and Murzynski.


Indy Kassy captured both MGM Chassis Yamaha Junior races and Macon Moore swept the Boon & Sons 206 Junior offerings from their poles with Ryan Rogers chasing him across the stripe each time. Moore dialed in Saturday’s fastest qualifying time in 51.573 on lap six Rogers was second fastest with a lap three time of 57.016 seconds that was 0.443 seconds slower than Moore’s time. Rogers won the Heat race with a 0.269 seconds advantage over Moore who came back to win the Feature race with a comfortable 1.356 seconds cushion over Rogers. Rounding out the top five behind Rogers were Elmer Edmonson, Jr. and Dylan Amunden.


“When they threw the green flag Austin (Williamson) got in front of me and I just pushed him all the way through and eventually I passed him on the last lap,” said the 13-year-old Baton Rouge, LA based GT Machine powered IONIC Edge kart pilot reported. “The kart handled great all the way through it never gave up. The GT Machine motor was strong and pulled good. I want to thank my dad he’s the one who brought me here and he’s the one who works on my kart all the time.”


Moore and Rogers clocked Sunday’s pole times with laps of 56.543 and 56.722 seconds separated by 0.179 seconds. The race would be a dicey battle between the frontrunners, who were also battling a slight drizzle. From his seat Moore said, “ We pulled off after he threw the green flag we pulled off and I ended up it the front. But after a couple of laps in it started raining and we couldn’t go nearly as fast as we were. I just held it together and didn’t slide off, but they were all over me bumping my back bumper, and then it stopped raining and I could go as fast as I wanted to normally, and I came out with the win. The track was definitely colder then it was yesterday and a lot slicker then yesterday, it made the back of the kart slip a lot more.”


Amundsen, Edmonson, Jr. and Williamson were nose-to-tail behind Rogers for the top five.


Cleveland, OH competitor Kyle Raymond captured everything IONIC Edge Chassis Yamaha Cadet classes offered, poles, Heat races and feature wins. Raymond ruled qualifying with laps times of 57.895 and 57.631. Raymond ruled Saturday’s Heat with JY Novosielski trailing by 6.629 seconds and he beat Novosielski to the Feature’s finish line by a whopping 20781 seconds.



“I saw the green flag and just tried to hold him off,” said the 10-year-old Woltjer Racing engines powered Top Kart pilot. “I want to thank my dad, my teammate Woltjer Racing Engines and Top Kart.”


Atlantic Karting powered Nitro kart pilot Bryce Sanders of and Novosielski split the TaG Unrestricted races and Appling, GA racer Austin Williamson won Saturday’ MGM PRO Gas Junior. Piloting a GT Machine powered Coyote Kart, Williamson spun a 54.697 seconds pole-winning lap. Williamson ran away with the Feature lap finishing three laps ahead of Moore and Elmer Edmonson, Jr.


“The race was good. When the green flag went down Macon Moore got ahead at first for a little bit. Then going into the first corner I just went around him and pulled ahead,” said the 14-year-old winner. “The Coyote kart handled good and the GT Machine motor was great. I want to thank Quest Industrials for sponsoring me.


Now that both series have kicked off their seasons each will go their own way until October 27-29 when they will face each other again at 103rd Street Sports Complex in Jacksonville, FL for Grand National Championships. But before that Southern Tour regional racers will travel to Bushnell Motorsports Motorsports in Bushnell, FL. From there the series races at Monticello, FL July 21-23. September 9-10 they will race round four at Lamar County Speedway in Barnesville, GA.


Northern tour racer’s next stop is Genesee Valley Kart Club in Avon, NY June 9-11. From there they travel to Thompson Kartway in Thompson, OH and then they’re off to Nicholson Speedway in Chestertown, MD August 6-4.


For more information on the AKRA Sprint Cup competition visit or call the AKRA office at 704.764.8138.



Kershaw Photo Captions


Photo Credit:


Action Sports Photos by Bruce C. Walls


DSC_6046-206 CKI Senior Medium #84-Ryan Miller leads #11 Colin Warren


DSC_6054-#11 Colin Warren 206 CKI Senior Medium


DSC_6091-#200 Macon Moore 206 Junior


DSC_6117-#00-Brently Miller in 206 Cadet


DSC_6362-#00 Joey Miller206 Masters


DSC_6736-#11 Colin Warren leads TaG Senior


DSC_6755-#7-Elmere Edmonson and #200 Macon Moore in 206 Junior

DSC_7052-206 Cadet #10-William Loller


DSC_7200 #24 Camden Gruber leads #10 Brently Miller in 206 Cadet


DSC_7218-#200- Macon Moore, 343-Austiin Williamson and #36-Dylan Amundsen in 206 Junior


DSC_7261-PRO Gas Junior # 43 Austin Williamson leads #11-Macon Moore and #7-Elmer Edmonson


DSC_7298-206 Cadet 00 Brently Miller


DSC_7330- #23-John Anderson


DSC_6535-Calin Warren in TaG Senior




































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