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What Is Wrong With Modern Karting

Published By Christian Focal Perspective Media     October 29, 2016    
An opinion piece written by seasoned driver and Apex Predator MDD owner Christian Marsh.


What Is Wrong With Modern Karting 
   At 7 years old, my mum and dad took me took me to my first karting track. I sat and watched the delicate dance between man and monstrous machine. It was absolutely pure. The drivers raced one another with such a fierceness that you would expect them to be enemies off the track. But at the track exit, there was nothing but friendship and respect for one another. And that's where we come to modern karting. 
   The delicate dance has turned into a war between engine builders and over aggressive drivers. The advancement of modern CIK-FIA bodywork has, while making karting safer, taken away the consequence for rough "shunt" type moves. In addition to the drivers needing less talent to work towards the front, a driver with better funding can find themselves at a clear powerplant advantage. The drivers don't need years to perfect their craft anymore. They simply need a mum or dad with enough money to buy their way to the front.
   Now don't get me wrong, there are talented pilots finding success in modern karting. Names such as Brandon Jarsocrak, Jake Donald, and Josh Lane come to mind when I think of true racing drivers. But what is the answer to bring back an era of karting drives who have perfected race craft and bring elegance to the sport. Smaller bodywork? More strict race director? Drop down bumpers? Or do we simply need to get the respect and friendship back between pilots. Maybe it's all of them, but the fact is, something has to be done. And always remember, #keepkartingfun 

Christian Marsh 
Apex Predator Motorsport Driver Development 

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