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Jason Pribyl is the 2015 LO206 Cup / CES Challenge Champion

Published By Dave Larson     December 8, 2015    
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Antioch, IL, United States - Get Directions


Jason with the spoils of his 2015 season

The points for the 2015 206 Cup have been tabulated and the Champion has
been named. The points are based on the best 24 races throughout the season
Minus the drops.
The numbers have been calculated and
Jason Pribyl  ... Is the 2015 LO206 Cup/CES Challenge Champion. 
Jason is from Glenview, Illinois and races for Wild Duck Racing Team.
Jason has been racing since 2012.  In 2013 he competed in Championship Enduro Series’ LO206 Junior Novice Class.  

In 2014  Jason competed again with CES in the Junior 
Novice Class in addition to racing in the MidAmerica Sprint Series in the LO206 Sportsman
In 2015 he competed in the 206 Cup Classes of Animal Sportsman and 206 Sportsman.  In the Championship Enduro Series he raced the Junior Novice Class.
Jason Pribyl is 10 years-old.

Listed below is the Roster of Top Three Finishers:
1st ---- Jason Pribyl with 3946 Points
2nd --- Seth Johnson with 3847 Points
3rd --- Cole Peschang with 3524 Points
Congratulations to all the drivers who raced in the 206 Cup/CES Challenge Series this year.
This has been a very competitive season.

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