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TAGUSA and Rock Island Grand Prix Ban Helmet Cameras

Published By James McMahon     August 21, 2015    


Both TAGUSA and the Rock Island Grand Prix issued statements today, banning the use of helmet mounted cameras, effective immediately. The rationale appears to be driven by a recent observation in Motorcycle racing.

Statement from Roger Ruthhart from the Rock Island Grand Prix:

"There have been a number of serious injuries in motorcycle racing this year that may be attributed to helmet-mounted cameras. There is also concern that drilling holes in the helmet for the mounting bracket may affect the structural integrity of the helmet. Suction cup mounts will also not be allowed on the helmet or kart,” said a statement released by the Rock Island Grand Prix Friday.

“This issue is being studied by several safety equipment manufacturers and we expect a more fact-based decision before our 2016 race. Insurance underwriters may also eventually weigh in. But in the interest of safety, helmet-mounted cameras will not be allowed this year. Racers may still use their helmet with only the bracket attached. Kart-mounted cameras can still be used but they may not block the number plate as stated in the Supplemental Rules.”

This issue will be addressed in both pre-tech and at the Driver’s Meeting. Drivers’ helmets will be checked on the pre-grid. Questions regarding this rule should be directed to [email protected] or (309) 292-8133.

Statement from David Larson of TAGUSA and TAG Racing International:

Effective Immediately:
TAG Racing International / TAG USA Rule Update
"Due to safety and insurance regulations, sports cameras are not allowed to be Helmet Mounted"

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