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AKRA/Unilli Tires/UniRon New York Regional Race Report

Published By Bruce AKRA     June 11, 2015    




By Bruce C. Walls

AKRA Media


            FROZEN OCEAN, NY-Regional racers joined the local crowd at Ocean Speedway in Auburn, NY for the first of the 8-race AKRA/ Unilli Tires New York Regional Racing Series presented by UniRon last Saturday (June 6th 2015). Seven trophy races supported eight money races that Saturday. Racers earned a total purse of $11.150.


“The competition was fantastic. We had a good crowd of racers,” said American Kart Racing Association (AKRA) President Bill McCutcheon. “This is the kind of regional racing AKRA and Unilli Tires wants to be involved in and support.”


“Just want to give props to the guys and gals at Frozen Ocean Speedway!” Borst Racing reported in a forum post on Bob’s ”They hosted the first series race this last weekend. The track was fast and smooth, the people friendly and the while day was drama free! The kids got 10 pound marble and metal cups as trophies. We couldn't be happier with the day. Great time with family and friends! Can't wait till the next race!! Thanks to everyone at frozen ocean and Unilli Tire and UniRon for an amazing event!!”


“That's what a race is supposed to be Great FAMILY Fun !! It's always good when the EMT never has to respond as well!!,” added by Ken Chubb in another post.


Double winner Rick Murtaugh earned $1,500 of that purse with wins in AKRA Junior Unrestricted and AKRA Junior 3 Clone. Unrestricted paid $1,000.00 and the Clone class $500.00. Close behind Murtaugh in AKRA Unrestricted Junior was Andy Hartford who challenged Murtaugh down to the stripe. Hartford pocketed $500.00 for his efforts. Following on Hartford’s tailpipe in third was Anthony Rasmussen who pocketed $250.00 and rounding out the money winners was Seth Perrin who took home $150.00.


Perrin threatened Murtaugh down to the stripe in AKRA Junior 3 Clone competition. This time Murtaugh made $500.00 for the win, Perrin pocketed $$300.00, and Hartford rounded out the money positions in third for a $200.00 payout.


Following in her older brother’s tire tracks Brianna bagged Junior 3 Briggs Flathead in the Trophy division.


Ron Spatorico matched Murtaugh in money and wins. Spatorico was the third $1,000.00 winner. Spatorico won AKRA Senior Pro Clone with Jason Tiffany chasing him across the stripe. Tiffany took home $500.00. Ron’s brother Colin Spatorico was third across the stripe earning him $250.00. George Curtis was fourth earning $150.00 for his run followed in fifth by Jon Keister who collected $100.00.


Spatorico also won AKRA Senior Box Stock Clone for an additional $500.00. This time it was Dustin Prettyleaf with him down to the wire. Prettyleaf pocketed $300.00. Colin was third again this time earning $100.00 and Keister claimed $75.00 for a fourth place finish. Keister ruled Senior Briggs Flathead Medium.


Prettyleaf scored Senior Stock Pro Flathead’s win with Jason Tiffany right behind making him earn his $1,000.00 payday. Tiffany took home $500.00 for his efforts and Keister earned $250.00 for finishing third. Payouts went back to fourth and fifth with Casey Sykes and George Curtis filling those positions. They pocketed $150.00 and $100.00 respectively.


Derrick McGrew was that Saturday’s third double winner. The young driver captured AKRA Junior 1 Clone and Junior 1 Briggs Flathead.


Dylan Duhow dominated the AKRA Junior 2 Clone class with its $500.00 payday. Tony Blizardi was second earning him $300.00 and Joey Borst bagged the final money position, third for $200.00. Borst’s younger brother, Jacob, ruled the Rookie race.


When AKRA Senior Box Stock Clone Super Heavy racers got to the wire Aaron Whiteman edged out Rick Raner. Whiteman won $500.00; Raner put $300.00 in his wallet. Further back Tom Brown took third for $200.00, Matt Fay was fourth across the stripe for a $100.00 payday and Mark Worthington rounded out the top five collecting $75.00.


“I don't normally get on here but all of the crew at the series race did an awesome job very professional moved the show along not to fast or slow. Track was VERY smooth and pretty decent bite for a day race in NY sorry Rich you know I like them tacky lol. I'm not saying this because I had a good day. Been on a few tracks this year by far the smoothest. I was a little concerned about the tires not using them before but they are pretty decent too. All and all great day of racing. Looking forward to the next one,” Whiteman wrote on forums.


Chad Jacobson out dueled Randy Knight for Senior Champ’s checkered flag. Jacobson earned $500.00 and Knight pocketed $300.00.


AKRA/Unilli Tires/UniRon Regional Racing Series will be back at Frozen Ocean Speedway battling for money and bragging in round two June 27, 2015.


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