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Get More from Karting With a Podcast

Published By James McMahon     May 16, 2015    
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Why Podcasts are Awesome


Podcasts are a super easy and convienient way to stay up to date on things that matter to you. Best of all you don't have to be stuck in front of a screen. Not convinced? Checkout  Six Reasons to Listen to Podcasts


Naturally, A karting podcast would be awesome(er?)

A podcast on kart racing would mean you can enjoy interesting topics about kart racing anytime, anywhere.
While you are driving to the track, working on your kart, at the gym, driving to work or swearing at the data from your data acquisition device you can be enjoying awesome content, just about kart racing.

The Plan

I'm working with announcer Terry Bridges to develop a podcast for kart racing. Terry already has an existing podcast called the NW RaceReport. He's a huge supporter of kart racing and has an incredible passion to make it better and raise it's profile. 


It's all about you. 

Tell us about what's grinding your gears in karting? What topics would you like covered? Who would you like to hear interviewed? What questions do you want asked.

Of course we have lots of ideas ourselves, but thats not the point. The point is: This podcast for YOU! If you're struggling with something in karting you can bet you aren't alone.

Maybe you have something to say and would like to join in an episode? Great! Let's hear from you.


Here's a couple of topic ideas to start off...

-Used chassis/kart purchasing guide
-Winning - what does it actually mean (its not always about finishing first)
-Tire prep for the dirt guys
-Clone and LO206 comparison
-Tires - how to get the most from them. Reading them. Understanding air pressure, contact patches, spring rates, wear patterns and temperatures.


***Comment with your ideas and let's get this rolling***

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