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I am True Racer

Published By Matthew O'Donnell     April 28, 2015    
California, United States - Get Directions


Hello Karting world

I am Matt O'Donnell but many in the Karting and Simulation world know me as True Racer. I am a content creator within youtube posting my Karting sim and racing life videos I have 1 awesome wife who helps and supports me in my racing endeavors and is someone i am very greatful for. As I am the racer and video editor my wife is the pit crew and journalist you can find her blog post from our events here.

I guess you can say I started my racing career back in 2001 when my dad bought me my first sim racing game since then I have always enjoyed the sport of racing. After I got out of the Marine Corp in 2010 I finally had a little extra money and free time so I started doing some autocrosses and HPDEs with my local Porsche Club and a couple years later I was itching for something a little more so I looked into karting. I jumped right into the 125cc shifter kart have been having a blast ever since even winning my first regional race earlier this year. I still do some drives with the local Porsche Club and keep my skills sharp between karting event in my, at home, racing simulator but karting is definitely the focus of my racing life

I am excited to be part of wht james is putting together and hope to help him grow the Sport of Karting.

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